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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [ALL] configuring project info reports
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2012 02:08:55 GMT
On 9 March 2012 01:59, Emmanuel Bourg <> wrote:
> Le 09/03/2012 02:16, sebb a écrit :
>> So I propose to enable all the reports [2] apart from the license
>> report, unless people feel that some other reports should be omitted
>> by default.
> Let's kill the Test Javadoc and Test Source Xref, it's useless for mere
> mortals and developers go straight to the source.
> The JDepend report can also be removed, that's too abstract to have any
> meaning.
> Checkstyle is useful during development and release checking, but it hasn't
> much value for the general public. Is it possible to hide it when the site
> is deployed on the server?
> RAT falls probably in the same category.

Not relevant to this discussion, the above are not project info reports.

> Is it possible to remove the "Project Plugins" and "Plugin Management"
> reports under "Project Information"?

Yes, those could be dropped by default.
If components really want them they could add them locally.

> Also under "Project Information" there is an "About" link that is equivalent
> to "Home", it could be removed.

Yes, it could be, but it does no harm and people probably expect it.

> Emmanuel Bourg

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