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From S├ębastien Brisard <>
Subject [math] Refactoring the matrix and vector interfaces
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 05:58:17 GMT
as agreed, I've started a JIRA ticket on this long-standing issue (see
MATH-765). This ticket is really meant as a summary of the discussions
which should take place on the mailing list, so please refrain from
adding comments (unless absolutely necessary). Children tickets will
be linked to this parent ticket once we agree on concrete tasks.

At the moment, there is nothing really fancy on this ticket. I merely
compared the interfaces of RealMatrix and RealVector, and drew a few
conclusions. I would be interested by your feed-back on the comments
I've made.

My first suggestion would be on the visitor design pattern vs.
map(UnivariateFunction). The former is specified in the RealMatrix
interface, the latter is specified in the RealVector abstract class. I
think both concepts are similar, and both are useful:
  - visitors know about the cell they are visiting,
  - map() doesn't.
Maybe it would be nice as a first step to unify these concepts. Two
options there
1. Specify both in both interfaces,
2. Specify only the visitor design pattern, and create a factory which
would return a visitor from a UnivariateFunction (ignoring the indices
of the current cell).

A second step could then be to remove most of the norm calculations
from the matrix and vector interfaces, and implement these
functionalities as visitors.

Other major issues are
  - tagging interfaces/marker methods to dispatch the objects to the
most optimized algorithm (e.g. multiplication of sparse, symmetric,
and so on matrices). See
  - implementation of "views" of a matrix/vector. IIRC, Ted suggested
such a feature a while ago. This would be a very useful feature (just
like a[3:5] in matlab, octave, python and the likes). This I think
would also be a very useful addition.

These are just a few thoughts, I'm curious to read what everyone
thinks. Thanks beforehand for your feedback!


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