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From Sébastien Brisard <>
Subject Re: [Math] New warnings from "FindBugs"
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2012 06:22:18 GMT
> Hello Sébastien.

Hi Gilles,

>> >
>> > >
>> > > * org.apache.commons.math3.linear.SymmLQ: Yet another problem with a
>> > >  probably unnecessary "Serializable"...
>> > >
>> > In fact, it comes from a nested class which extends EventObject, so it
>> > must be (unfortunately) serializable. I'll look into it.
>> Then, it seems that you can define it as "static", and it will make FindBugs
>> happy, I think. [The problem is that it is a "plain" inner class, in a
>> non-serializable class.]
> I've performed this change and also had to make the "state" field
> "transient" because "State" is not "Serializable" and it cannot be
> since "RealLinearOperator" is not "Serializable" and cannot be (IIUC).[1]
> [At first sight, all this confirms that we should stay away from
> "Serializable". :-}]

I do agree with you on this, although my point of view is far less
enlightened than yours. I know "serializable" is difficult,
problematic and error-prone, so I just keep away from it as a general
rule. I should therefore apologize for having carelessly implemented
serializable in this particular instance.

> Best,
> Gilles
> [1] This quiets "FindBugs", and since that class is a private inner class,
>    you'll have the possiblity to handle this in another way for 3.1.

Actually, I *do* want to handle it differently (I've even set a TODO
tag in the source). In short, I've used references a lot in order to
avoid creating new objects, but this makes event handling a bit
intricate, and I want to refactor that part (keeping the public API

Thanks for your help on this,

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