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From Sébastien Brisard <>
Subject Re: [math] Refactoring of the vector and matrix classes
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2012 17:30:55 GMT
Hi Gilles,

2012/3/7 Gilles Sadowski <>:
> Hi Sébastien.
> Since you don't like Wiki ;-) and given the unsuitability of the web site
> for publishing "updating" comments, I think that the most flexible platform
> is JIRA; you can use its relationship between issues feature to create a
> good sense of priority.
Please note that I really wanted to give it a chance, though. But I'm
starting to see why no one uses it... I agree, JIRA will be my final
choice... Sorry for all the noise!

> Also, you can edit and expand the "description" part of the report according
> to the evolution of the comments; hence, a newcomer will get the latest view
> on the subject. In that respect, maybe that the issue title should indeed
> reflect clearly that it is an ongoing design dicussion (and not a bug report
> where, on the contrary, it might be better that the description is untouched,
> and describes the initial, unfixed, state).
Good idea. I had the same concern with updating the description of the
ticket. But if we put a big warning on the nature of this ticket, that
would be all right. My other concern is the discussion itself. Do you
think it should take place within JIRA (with the risk that the ticket
gets quickly packed with messages), or here on the ML, with frequent
updates of the ticket description?

> Regards,
> Gilles

I'm sorry I'm wasting so much of everyone else's time to discuss how
we should discuss a general topic... I hope we will get down to the
real thing soon.

Best regards,

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