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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [ALL] Commons Parent reports
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2012 14:36:02 GMT
> I didn't think we disagreed on refusing to spend a lot of time of correcting formatting

Not on that one :)

I just argue that in the days of code formatters "lot of time" has
become is quite significant.

>> Then you are probably a vocal minority here.
> Because I don't use an IDE or because I like clean code?

I hope that's a rhetorical question. I would think most java people use an IDE.

>> As long as there is someone that can run a code formatter before a
>> release that does not matter though.
> But would you be against running a formatter before committing the code.

It would be nice - but I would not want to require it.

>>  Menu > "Format Source Code" > Done.
> ... if they don't perform the above, CheckStyle is there to remind them they
> forgot to do it.

Why not just run the formatter in the very moment you are annoyed?

>> And I say - better let's give people the tools and not just point at them.
> The tools are there, but you have to tell people that they _must_ use them.

Commons has already enough rules and process. As long as the releases
are have clean code I wouldn't be too anal about the commits in

Summary: if you guys insist - add it long as components are OK
to disable it.
I personally just don't find it useful. But I can live with the fact
that you disagree.

Now that was already 4 cents :)


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