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From Benedikt Ritter <>
Subject Re: [csv] Performance comparison
Date Sun, 11 Mar 2012 23:02:08 GMT
Am 11. März 2012 21:21 schrieb Emmanuel Bourg <>:
> Le 11/03/2012 16:53, Benedikt Ritter a écrit :
>> I have some spare time to help you with this. I'll check out the
>> latest source tonight. Any suggestion where to start?
> Hi Benedikt, thank you for helping. You can start looking at the source of
> CSVParser if anything catch your eyes, and then run a profiler to try and
> identify the performance critical parts that could be improved.

Hi Emmanuel,

I've started to dig my way through the source. I've not done too much
performance measuring in my career yet. I would use VisualVM for
profiling, if you don't know anything better.
And how about some performance junit tests? They may not be as
accurate as a profiler, but they can give you a feeling, whether you
are on the right way.


> Emmanuel Bourg

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