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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [csv] Improving readability in CSVLexer
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2012 16:01:56 GMT
Le 16/03/2012 13:33, Benedikt Ritter a écrit :

> 1. eliminate Token input parameter on nextToken()
> To me it looks like the token input parameter on nextToken() has the
> purpose of sparing object creation. How about a private field
> 'currentToken' that can be reused. No method parameters are better
> than one method parameter :)

This was the purpose of a ticket in JIRA to reduce memory allocations. 
In the light of the recent comments by Ted I'm curious to see if we can 
improve the performance without it.

> 2. add additional convenience methods
> Right now we have some methods for char handling like isEndOfFile(c).
> There are some methods missing like isDelimiter(c) or
> isEncapsulator(c). There is not much to say about this. I just think
> that isDelimiter(c) is slightly easier to understand than c ==
> format.getDelimiter().

Be careful with the performance, I tried that and it was slower on my 

> 3. eliminate input parameter c on readEscape (and rename it ?)
> Right now we have to pass an int to readEscape, but the method does
> not use that parameter. So why do we keep it? Also the method does not
> really "read" an escape. It assumes, that is is called after a "/" and
> then returns the delimiter for a letter.

I agree, and in general I find weird to give the current character to 
all the lexer methods.

> 4. Get rid of those nasty while(true) loops!
> There are several while true loops. It is really hard to see what is
> going on, because you can not exactly see when a loop ends. The worst
> example for this is encapsulatedTokenLexer. It has an outer
> while(true) loop with a nested inner loop, that may return a token,
> terminating both loops.
> I've tried to eliminate those while true loops, but without success.

I see nothing wrong with the loops, even the JDK in BufferedReader uses 
them. But if you find a faster alternative, go for it!

Emmanuel Bourg

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