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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [ALL] configuring project info reports
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2012 01:59:19 GMT
Le 09/03/2012 02:16, sebb a écrit :

> So I propose to enable all the reports [2] apart from the license
> report, unless people feel that some other reports should be omitted
> by default.

Let's kill the Test Javadoc and Test Source Xref, it's useless for mere 
mortals and developers go straight to the source.

The JDepend report can also be removed, that's too abstract to have any 

Checkstyle is useful during development and release checking, but it 
hasn't much value for the general public. Is it possible to hide it when 
the site is deployed on the server?

RAT falls probably in the same category.

Is it possible to remove the "Project Plugins" and "Plugin Management" 
reports under "Project Information"?

Also under "Project Information" there is an "About" link that is 
equivalent to "Home", it could be removed.

Emmanuel Bourg

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