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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject Re: [math] Tensor algebra implementation
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2012 06:50:51 GMT
Le 05/03/2012 22:19, a écrit :
>> This is not *my* idea, it has been around for some time now (long 
>> before I joined the project). The aim of this thread is merely to 
>> try and find the best way to proceed and capitalize on previous 
>> discussions. I would love to hear your thoughts (and those of 
>> others) on that proposal (the wiki thing).
> Sorry about that , I joined the mail list so recently that i am not
> particullary aware of what it has been discussed before. I guess i
> should get more familiar with markmail.
>>> I kinda think your idea could be expanded in a more broader way 
>>> by also adding support for Cartesian Tensor Algebra. I think a
>> feature like that would be welcomed.
>> My topic is solid mechanics, so I for one would of course love to 
>> see some tensor algebra in CM at some point [1]. I have some
>> personal classes for handling tensors with Voigt symmetry (most
>> common in mechanics), which might at some point find their place in
>> CM.
>> As for higher-order or more general tensors, that would be an open 
>> field for you to think about, if you're interested in this area. If
>> I were you, I would have a look to the Maxima Computer algebra
>> System [2], which has a package for high-order tensors (with co-
>> *and* contra- variant components!), maybe you could draw some
>> inspiration from the api (I know it's not OO design, nor
>> numerically oriented, but still...).
> Thanks for your suggestion ! I Downloaded the sources and i will
> check them soon. If I am correct , Maxima is implemented in Lisp (or
> CLisp) but I guess it could be feasible , once they had been analyzed
> and studied , to translate those algorithms into Java.

Maxima is GPL licensed. We have absolutely not rights to translate it
and release the translated code in an Apache licensed library. See

We have to either implement the code from scratch using only reference
paper or translate code that is published under a compatible license.


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