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Subject Re: [math] Refactoring of the vector and matrix classes
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2012 11:04:40 GMT

On Thursday, March 08, 2012 at 3:20 AM, Sébastien Brisard <>
>> Dear all,
>> you might have seen the creation of a new ticket (MATH-765). 
>This is
>> going to be the place where our discussions regarding the present
>> issue will be summarized. For the time being, this page is 
>> work in progress, so I would encourage people to ***REFRAIN FROM
>> COMMENTING*** on the ticket for the time being. There is a lot of
>> things I need to write before this becomes a useful page
>> - finish comparison of RealVector and RealMatrix APIs,
>> - summarize "historical" discussions (listed in the root message 
>> the present thread).
>> I'll let you know once I'm satisfied with the above tasks. 
>> I'm not sure that discussions should take place on the ticket 
>> I'm really worried it becomes too cluttered. I personally would 
>> we discuss on the ML, and the conclusions are summarized on the 
>> ticket. This is of course open to discussion.
>> Best regards,
>> Sébastien
>Following my previous message, I took the liberty to delete
>"design-oriented" comments already posted on MATH-765. Here is a 
>of the comment posted by Leandro
>Since inner product should be implemented , shouldnt a user be 
>able to
>change a matrix representation in a given base ? . Something along 
>lines of :
>RealMatrix changeBase( RealMatrix newBase )
>Ohhh .. btw , calculating a Matrix's trace could prove usefull too 
>double trace() or static double trace( RealMatrix m )
>We can already answer to the second question: getTrace() already
>exists, even if this method is not (yet) listed in the JIRA ticket.
>Best regards

+ Didnt knew that , I am still getting acquainted with API Docs. 

Regarding , Gilles Comment

(quote) Before they try to reinvent the wheel, I suggest that everyone interested in this
refactoring has a look at the ojAlgo project. Certainly, there are things to learn from it,
either to take inspiration from, or to avoid.(quote)

+ I think its a wise suggestion. Besides , ojAlgo its a MIT License , wich is compatible with
APL 2.0 , so taking inspiration wouldnt represent an issue.

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