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From Mikkel Meyer Andersen <>
Subject Re: [Math] Toward releasing 3.0 ?
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2012 20:04:13 GMT
2012/2/17 Thomas Neidhart <>:
> Hi @all,
> just some status/feedback on some still open issues:
>  - MATH-449: I have implemented (almost) all suggestions from
>   Phil, and the code is documented and tested, so imho the issue
>   can be resolved unless somebody has still reservations
>  - MATH-431: the two tests were contributed by Mikkel Meyer Andersen
>   (is he still active?) and I have cleaned up the exceptions while
>   working on another issue. There are still things to do, as can be
>   seen in the comments to the issue (mainly the results are not 100%
>   equivalent to R due to some specific corrections). I do not have
>   the expertise to work on them myself straight away. How do we proceed
>   in such a case? Keep them as they are and note the differences
>   in the javadoc, or remove them unless the issues are completely
>   resolved?
> Cheers,
> Thomas

Dear all,

I am still active in theory, but in practise I unfortunately haven't
contributed much lately due to high workload on my PhD. I am of course
sorry for this and hope to be able to highen my activity.

Regarding MATH-431, we need to discuss if we should adopt some of the
changes R makes and find references for all these. I am on holiday
next week, but I will be back in one week and would love to
participate in the discussion. Meanwhile I would love some views on
whether to adopt the changes or not. Personally, I am fine with
noticing in the code for 3.0 release that some corrections can be made
and refer to some (e.g. from R) but none are implemented yet.

Cheers, Mikkel.

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