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From Benedikt Ritter <>
Subject [SANDBOX][BeanUtils2] Some thoughts on indexed properties
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2012 17:37:32 GMT

today I got the time to write some more code for BeanUtils2, so I 
started to implement setIndexed().
Now, that I'm nearly done with it, there are two things that I'm unsure 
how to handle.

1. out of bounds indices: If the user passes in an index that is out of 
bounds, he will see a InvocationTargetException, that wraps an 
ArrayOutOfBoundsException (if the indexed property is backed up by an 
array). Can we live with that or should we implement some logic, that 
checks if the index is available and if not throws the appropriate 
exception? (this would also have to be applied to getIndexed)

2. wrong property names: If the user passes a property name, that 
doesn't specify a property on the given bean, he will see a 
NullPointerException. This is, because we do at first try to retrieve a 
property descriptor from PropertyDescriptor registry and then just do a 
checkNotNull with it.
I thing it would be more appropriate to throw a NoSuchMethodException, 
if a string was passed in, that does not correspond to any of the 
properties (to differentiate this case from a null argument been passed).
If you agree the implementation of set(String), get(String) 
getIndexed(String) will have to change as well.


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