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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS][POOL] Logging options for Pool2
Date Sun, 12 Feb 2012 23:23:37 GMT
Thanks to all who contributed to this thread. I thought it might be
useful to summarize the discussion so far.

Preferences have been expressed for:
- java.util.logging (jul)
- commons logging   (cl)

- Logging in pool, if any, should be minimal

- Anything other than jul adds a new dependency
- not a good choice for JavaEE environments
- very inefficient to bridge to something else

- has a minimal API
- fine for JavaEE

- fine for JavaEE

Revisiting the issue (POOL-131) that triggered this, an argument could
be made that this is a DBCP problem rather than a POOL one since DBCP is
throwing a factory exception and not logging it. See POOL-142 for why
this is a factory problem. However, all that does is move the same
problem to DBCP.

What do folks think to the following solution:
- make logging of factory exceptions a factory responsibility - clearly
documented in the JavaDoc for POOL2
- add some JMX stats to POOL2 for number of destroy / passivate /
activate exceptions
- make the last n (10?) exceptions of each type accessible via JMX for POOL2


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