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From Benedikt Ritter <>
Subject Re: [SANDBOX][BeanUtils2] Discussion about cloneBean(), copyProperties() and cast() on DefaultBeanAccessor
Date Sun, 12 Feb 2012 21:25:56 GMT
Am 12.02.2012 18:28, schrieb Simone Tripodi:
> Hi Bene,


>> [...]
>> copyProperties() can be implemented likewise. Is that really all we have to
>> do, or am I missing something? I've looked at BeanUtils1 and they are
>> handling Maps a little differently by coping all entries. So I guess we have
>> to do the same (to keep the user experience).
> did you already check older BeanUtils?

yes I did (as I said ;-). So I guess, that we can implement it the way I 
said, but make sure Maps will be handled the way they were in BeanUtils1.

>> Another thing I was winking about is cast(). I don't understand how that is
>> supposed to work. Can it be, that there is an input parameter missing? To
>> make it work it has to be:
>> public<V>  V cast(Class<V>  targetType);
> no, it doesn't "has to be", even if a little weird it doesn't require
> the Class type. Have a look at[1] a give a try please with current
> codebase ;)

Ah, okay... :) I've the latest code base checked out. So that can stay 
the way it is.

Any thoughts about what James suggested? Just having to declare 
ReflectiveOperationException would be nice to clean up the interface. 
But I guess few people are already on Java 7. So better stay at Java 6?


> Alles gute,
> -Simo
> [1]
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