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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: [ALL] suggestion for improvement: Unify homepage layout for all commons subprojects
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2012 16:33:09 GMT
On Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 6:49 AM, Benedikt Ritter
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> looking at the different commons project pages, it occurs to me, that all
> pages use a slightly different layout. For example comparing Lang, BeanUtils
> and Collections with one another the first thing are the page titles:
> - Home
> - BeanUtils - Commons
> - Collections - Home
> If I were to rate this titles, I would say that "BeanUtils - Commons" is the
> best one, followed by "Collections - Home". "Home" from Lang's project page
> is clearly the worst page title I can think of.
> Looking at the content area, there is not much to complain about. All three
> content areas are structured nearly the same way (although IMHO BeanUtils
> content area is a bit overloaded with release informations).
> When it comes to the sidebar, things get completely inconsistent.
> First of all: Why doesn't Lang's homepage has a link so ApacheCon?
> Why does BeanUtils have a Documentation are and a Project Documentation
> area?
> Where do I get all the informations about developing BeanUtils from (as Lang
> and Collections have a distinct development area)?
> Why does Lang's ASF area have more links than the ones of the others?

Newer version of the site. It's almost 2 years since BeanUtils was
deployed and 4 since Collections was deployed.

> Why do the release history pages of all three projects look so completely
> different?

Not standardized. Lang's the only one with a Release History afaik.

> In addition to that, I think that one thing is really missing on all of the
> three above mentioned pages: There is no road map for future releases! How
> can I know if I should wait for the next Collections release, that provides
> generics or better start my new project using the latest release? Maybe it
> will be out next week, maybe I have to wait one year. I don't know... There
> really has to be a road map, so that the users know when they can expect the
> next release and what they can expect from it.

We don't know either.

In terms of work, the Roadmap is in JIRA - ie: look at the next
version and the issues still open. Timelines however don't exist.

> I guess, I have made my point clear, and I bet that looking at other commons
> project pages would result in finding even more layout variants.
> I don't want to study the page layout all over again, when I browse through
> the different project pages. I want everything to be at the same place (as
> far as possible). So I propose to unify all page layouts. This post is not
> supposed to present the perfect layout, but rather be a discussion starter
> on how such a layout could look like (if you guys think that a unified
> layout is needed at all...).

They're more unified than you're thinking. What you're seeing is that
they are published at wildly different times (ie: the unification is
pre-publication not after).


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