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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Commons Wiki] Update of "Sanity Check of APIs, etc." by MattBenson
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2012 02:53:37 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "Sanity Check of APIs, etc." page has been changed by MattBenson:


  Address open questions:
   * '''''there are several marker interfaces, but maybe some annotations would make more
+    This and the next question seem to dovetail since "several" marker interfaces == Functor/NullaryFunctor/UnaryFunctor/BinaryFunctor.
 See my comments on that question for why I think it is a good idea to continue strongly distinguishing
these n-ary functor "profiles."  These marker interfaces were added because I thought it might
occasionally be handy to be able to broadly classify functors, n-ary functors.  I can't think
of a more usable way to accomplish the same goals using annotations.
   * '''''couldn't Function, UnaryFunction and BinaryFunction be unified with a single interface
using a vararg parameter?'''''
+    (Same question would apply to -Predicate and -Procedure in addition to -Function) Using
a vararg parameter would preclude the binary (and hypothetical ternary, etc.) functors from
supporting different strongly typed arguments.  I think it would be a step backward.  MJB
   * '''''EachElement should be able to work on any Iterable. Also I'm not sure to understand
why its constructor is public.'''''
   * '''''Shouldn't Generator implement Iterable?'''''
   * '''''why are equals, hashCode and toString defined in the Functor interface?'''''
+    I don't feel strongly about this.  The original author/s of [functor] presumably used
this as a natural place to put their javadoc comments urging that functor implementations
properly implement these methods.  Feel free to POLL or VOTE on the dev list.
   * '''''why Predicate isn't an extension of Function<Boolean> ?'''''
+    I personally support the original authors' decision to let each functor type have a simple
and semantically straightforward API.  [functor] already has adapters to handle this transformation;
forcing Predicate to be Function<Boolean> would require either a less semantically pleasing
API, or a more complicated implementation task.
   * '''''why Procedure isn't an extension of Function<Void> ?'''''
+    See answer to previous question.
   * '''''Why are constants available through both a static field AND a static method? For
example Identity.INSTANCE and Identify.instance(), or Constant.TRUE and Constant.truePredicate()
+    The static method is the option to choose for strong typing.  I don't feel strongly about
retaining the static fields which of course predated the generics work.  If you want, JFDI.
   * '''''The Javadoc for Limit states "A predicate that returns true the first n times it
is invoked.", but what happens after? Is it the opposite of Offset?'''''
@@ -25, +31 @@

   * '''''Limit and Offset could probably use an AtomicInteger instead of a synchronized block'''''
   * '''''the site has no example easily accessible, the reader is invited to browse the JUnit
tests. That's not really user friendly.'''''
   * '''''I see IllegalArgumentExceptions thrown for null values, shouldn't this be changed
to throw NullPointerExceptions ?'''''
+    Agreed.
   * '''''@inheritDoc tags should be removed if no additional description is provided in the
subclasses. This tag is only useful for extending the description from the method of the super

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