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From sebb <>
Subject [POOL2] [Keyed]ObjectPoolFactory mutability and DBCP/JNDI
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2011 09:23:24 GMT
I'm trying to establish the mutability needs of the
[Keyed]ObjectPoolFactory implementations, i.e.


I've looked at DBCP 1.4, which uses POOL 1.x.

DBCP 1.4 currently creates an instance of
GenericKeyedObjectPoolFactory, which it then uses via the interface
[This is in the class BasicDataSource.]
The additional GKOPF getters, and the protected mutable variables are
not actually used by DBCP; it only needs to create the instance of
There is no indication that DBCP needs to change or even inspect the
factory settings once it is created.

The factory setters were added in POOL2; if they were not needed for
DBCP in POOL 1.X, so are they really needed in POOL 2.x?

I already removed them as part of making the classes thread-safe; the
question is, are the setters now needed in POOL 2?
If so, they can be restored, but synch./volatile will need to be
added, as I assume the factories must be thread-safe.

Indeed, are the getters even needed? The Pool 1.x code did provide
getters, but AFAICT they were not used by DBCP.

The calling code knows what it used to create the factory, and the
factory is subsequently used as an instance of the interface - which
only provides the createPool() method.
Is there really a need for other code to find out what the original
factory settings were?

Can the getters be removed?
Do the setters have to be restored?

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