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From Damjan Jovanovic <>
Subject [sanselan] how to build a release
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2011 16:58:43 GMT

I promised to start the Sanselan release process early this week, but I've
been having problem after problem:

1. The instructions on say
that you run a variation of "mvn install" to build the release... but this
only generates the .jar files, not the src/bin zip/tar.gz/tar.bz2 files.

2. Running "mvn assembly:assembly" fails because my UTF-8 platform locale
causes a multibyte bug in Plexus Archiver when writing a German sounding
filename into the src tar file. I reported this 3 year old bug and
submitted a patch ( How did
you build Sanselan without this patch before?

3. Running "mvn assembly:assembly" with a manually patched Plexus Archiver
(and what a mission it was to figure out which of the 5 versions of Plexus
Archiver in my Maven repository is the one used...) does generate those
other files, but doesn't sign them.

4. My attempts to manually sign the .jar file, or its md5 or sha1 hash,
with gpg, generate different checksums than those generated by Maven. Thus
I cannot manually sign the zip/tar files. How is signing supposed to work,
what gets signed and how?

5. "mvn release" is so badly documented that I am scared to use it. When I
run it with -DdryRun=true, it hangs on [gpg:sign {execution:
sign-artifacts}]. The child process launched by "mvn release:prepare" is
launched without this parameter, and strace shows it stuck in read() on fd
0 (stdin). Typing the passphrase and pressing enter does nothing.
Redirecting stdin from a file with the passphrase also does nothing.
Attempts to use -Dgpg.passphrase=... also do nothing, whether passed to
directly "mvn" or quoted inside the -Darguments or both, and "ps fax" shows
that it isn't passed to the child process.

Please help?

Thank you

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