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From Simone Tripodi <>
Subject Re: [pool] [POOL-208] Support Java 1.5 Generics in version 1.x.
Date Fri, 23 Dec 2011 13:07:03 GMT
Hi again!!!

> My plan is simply to finish cleaning up the warnings that generics
> introduced, like the one you just fixed in javadocs.
> Still no runtime behavior changes. I did not even change to enhanced for loops.

I agree, let's not break (potentially) the pool behavior, what we
wanted are just generics

> I plan building an RC soon. Because of the generics only aspect of the
> changes since 1.5.7, I do not see the need for more work than anything
> related to generics in the code. For the build, the POM can continue
> to pick up current versions of plugins IMO.
> Do you see anything else to do?

nope I'm totally on your same path :) I can provide you help on the RC
if needed!

All the best!

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