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Subject Re: [POOL2] mutability requirements for Generic[Keyed]ObjectPool in DBCP/JNDI
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2011 13:18:21 GMT
sebb <> wrote:

>This is a parallel thread to the one about PoolFactory implementations.
>I'm trying to establish the mutability needs of the
>[Keyed]ObjectPool implementations, i.e.
>I've looked at DBCP 1.4, which uses POOL 1.x.
>SharedPoolDataSource.registerPool() creates an instance of
>GenericKeyedObjectPool which it configures via the setters; however
>the instance is then stored in a KeyedObjectPool, and setters/getters
>are not used elsewwhere.
>SImilarly, DriverAdapterCPDS.getPooledConnection creates an instance
>of GenericKeyedObjectPool which is then only used via the
>KeyedObjectPool interface.
>So: as far as I can tell from DBCP, there is no need to provide
>mutable ObjectPool implementations; so long as the pool can be
>configured intially, that is sufficient.
>Are there any other existing use cases that I am missing here?
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There is a requirement to modify the pool configuration via jmx while the pool is in use.


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