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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject [all] Apache Commons project report
Date Sun, 25 Dec 2011 21:12:19 GMT
Hello all,

As a Top Level Project (TLP) from the Apache Software Foundation, we
provide each quarter a report to the board of the foundation, explaining
what has been done since previous report. Some people in the Project
Management Committee (PMC), suggested that once approved by the board,
these reports should be forwarded to the developers list. This is a way
for the PMC to provide an executive summary to all people interested in
the project development and show the achievements of our community. So
here is the report we sent to board for its December meeting and which
was approved.

Luc, on behalf of the Apache Commons PMC

Apache Commons provides a large set of reusable Java components. Commons
components are widely used in many projects, both at Apache and outside.

There are no particular problems that would require board support.

The functor component graduated from sandbox to the "commons proper"
category on 2011-09-19.

A proposal for promoting another sandbox component to commons proper
(commons-id) has been discussed and delayed. Some work and analysis has
to be done on it and several people are willing to have a look at it.

Several components have been released since last report:
        Commons DButils  1.4 (2011-10-24)
        Commons Digester 3.1 (2011-10-29)
        Commons Compress 1.3 (2011-11-02)
        Commons Lang     3.1 (2011-11-15)
        Commons Daemon 1.0.8 (2011-11-24)
        Commons Codec    1.6 (2011-12-06)

A talk on Commons Nabla (commons sandbox) was held by Phil Steitz at

Three new PMC members have been elected:
        Dave Brosius (dbrosius)
        Rony Flatscher (rony)
        Thomas Vandahl (tv)

One new committer has been elected Bill Speirs (wspeirs).

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