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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [sanselan] Comments on next release
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2011 22:19:23 GMT
Le 19/12/2011 20:33, Gary Lucas a écrit :

> Finally, I wanted to ask if there would be any problems  in changing the compiler targets
in the pom.xml to 1.5 for release 1.0.   The current compiler targets are set up to compile
with Java 1.4 features, but I just switched them to 1.5 and everything build and tested without
errors.   I'm not proposing that anyone go make code changes to Sanselan so that it uses generics
or other 1.5 fixtures.   Just compile the current code to accommodate 1.5 rather than being
stuck in the 1.4 feature set.  By switching release 1.0 to Java 1.5 does have the advantage
that in any new work, coders will be able to use 1.5 without compatibility issues.

+1 for targeting at least Java 5

Emmanuel Bourg

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