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From henrib <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE PROCESS] Stability versus usability
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2011 10:47:24 GMT
Hi Jörg;
I've amended the idea based on feedback to *internal* package and @internal
annotation (for pragmatic reasons: a good rule is one which is easy to
follow and enforce). 
The naming convention or the annotation would allow clear but also explicit
boundary; documentation is necessary but not sufficient IMHO. It should be
possible to determine automatically whether "public" code unintentionally
exposes or uses an @internal class by transitivity.
I agree that packaging should be the preferred way but sometimes, it may be
too hard/long/costly to refactor the project; "sprinkling" annotations would
not be ideal but would still allow control over the API stability.

PS: We might need @experimental or @beta for APIs intended for public use
but not stable enough to make a hard cast-in-stone stable contract.

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