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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Promote [id] to Commons proper
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2011 21:01:29 GMT
Hi Phil,

Phil Steitz wrote:

> We seem to have some renewed interest in [id] and some volunteers
> willing to step up to help get it into a releasable state.  So I
> would like to propose that we promote [id] to commons proper.
> Votes, please.  This vote will close in 72 hours, or if there are
> violent objections before then.
> Phil
> [ ] +1 Promote [id] to Commons proper
> [ ] +0 OK, but...
> [ ] -0 Not thrilled about this
> [ ] -1 We should not do this


Sorry, before we do not define the use cases, it does simply not make sense.

SANDBOX-53 explains that commons-id is supposed to be added to jre/lib/ext, 
because of the special requirements for generating UUIDs. Since it has 
runtime deps to ant, commons-discovery and commons-logging-api they would 
have to be added there, too. So, you mean anythings works quite well with 
these libraries in the system classpath??? C'mon! One commons-logging 
classpath fiasko is enough.

That's why I proposed to create a uuid component only with no further 
dependencies that *can* be used actually in such a scenario. The rest of id 
might move to lang or stay on its own.

- Jörg

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