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From James Carman <>
Subject Re: [csv] Java 5?
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2011 12:19:45 GMT
On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 4:11 AM, Emmanuel Bourg <> wrote:
> Do you have another name in mind?

Not really.  We could derive "Doofus" from Delimited-File Streams. :)

>> 1.  Change the char properties that can be "disabled" to Character
>> objects.  Thus, a null value indicates disabling that feature?
> I was about to do this but I refrained because it doesn't apply to all the
> character properties. For example the delimiter can't really be disabled.

We should try to be a little more object-oriented in our approach, no?

>> 2.  Change references to CSV to Csv in the class names.
> I'm hesitating on this one. There are many examples in the JDK of the
> uppercase form (XMLFormatter, SAXParser, URLConnection, etc). For a short
> 3-letters acronym I think it's fine, but for a longer one I would downcase
> (CorbaConnection, SaslException are other examples in the JDK).

I don't know about setting our bar at the Java language when it comes
to code quality (java.util.Date anyone?).  Besides, we should at least
try to be consistent with ourselves:

I'm not saying we do this consistently, though (commons-net has FTP in
their class names).  I think the camel case variety is more readable
and helps with variable auto-naming, etc.

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