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From Sébastien Brisard <>
Subject Re: [math] replace AbstractContinuousDistribution.getSolverAbsoluteAccuracy() with AbstractContinuousDistribution.getSolver()
Date Sun, 06 Nov 2011 07:18:22 GMT
> +1, but your observation above then leads to the question where are
> you going to get this value from?  There may not be a solver to read
> it from.  I guess the default impl in the base class could just
> return BaseAbstractUnivariateRealSolver.DEFAULT_FUNCTION_VALUE_ACCURACY.
> Phil
Ah, that's one option I didn't think of. I intended to follow the same
scheme as for getSolverAbsoluteAccuracy(), which returns
solverAbsoluteAccuracy (private field), possibly initialized with
DEFAULT_SOLVER_ABSOLUTE_ACCURACY (see AbstractContinuousDistribution).
Actually, using the BaseAbstractUnivariateRealSolver default value is
probably better. However, these default values are private... So maybe
we will have to select reasonable default values here.

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