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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [math] release plan for 3.0 ?
Date Sat, 26 Nov 2011 22:28:54 GMT
On 11/23/11 11:28 PM, S├ębastien Brisard wrote:
> Hello,
> Issues that I have reported are
>   * MATH-581 (Support for iterative linear solvers): there is now a
> framework for this feature, as well as two solvers (conjugate
> gradient, SYMMLQ). While this might be extended with other solvers as
> well, it could certainly wait (and would not lead to a change in the
> API). The design of these classes could certainly be improved, but for
> this, we probably need people to use them... So I suggest we solve
> this issue for the time being. What do you think?
>   * MATH-711 (Merge xxxDistribution and xxxDistributionImpl in package
> distribution): I'm going to work on this one (should be fairly easy).

Nice work!
>   * MATH-655 (General framework for iterative algorithms): this
> requires a more thorough discussion, and could probably be tagged as
> "won't fix", or delayed to a later version. I would very much like to
> have this discussion on the design of custom stopping criteria again,
> though.

Probably best to push out, but if possible lay groundwork in 3.0
>   * MATH-699 (inverseCumulativeDistribution fails with cumulative
> distribution having a plateau): I have posted a new implementation of
> inverseCumulativeDistribution which does "not really" solve this
> issue. In short, it would allow us to get rid of methods
> getDomainUpperBound(double), getDomainLowerBound(double) and
> getInitialDomain(double). As for the plateau issue itself, I've added
> an extra test which seems fairly robust, but incurs a slight overhead,
> so I'm reluctant to include it. Two options here:
>     - clearly state in the Javadoc that the default solver *fails* in
> the presence of plateau, and be done with it,
>     - add a flag to the constructor, to allow for plateau detection.
> If you have any opinion on this issue, please state it on the JIRA
> ticket. Thanks!
See comments on the ticket.  Christian's idea will work - i.e. only
check if the support is not connected.

> Gilles, if you want, we can coordinate on MATH-689 and MATH-690.
> Best regards,
> S├ębastien
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