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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [csv] Java 5?
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2011 17:18:12 GMT
Le 10/11/2011 18:00, sebb a écrit :

> Flatfile seems to have much wider scope, and the API is
> correspondingly much more involved.
> I'm not sure I see how CSV fits in.
> But if CSV *is* merged in, I would hope the API would remain simple.

+1, [csv] is simple and focused, I'd stick to it and ensure we get 
quickly to a release.

Now I realize that the writer package of [csv] supports fixed width 
files with no delimiters, which clearly overlaps with [flatfile]. For 
this reason I think it deserves to be removed from [csv].

I suggest to move in small steps:

1. let's push [csv] to a release, it could be done rather quickly
2. keep on refining [flatfile] and release it independently
3. eventually merge the two projects if it seems appropriate

I fear that merging now could be discouraging and eventually delay much 
longer a release. [flatfile] is already 3 years old and [csv] 6 years old.

Emmanuel Bourg

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