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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject [math] r1178295 - dropping MathException from distributions APIs
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2011 16:52:17 GMT
This is a pretty significant API change.  I thought about adding a new
unchecked exception to replace the MathException in all of the
signatures; but did not really see the value in it, since it would
have to be unchecked.  If we want to advertise the specific unchecked
exceptions that may propagate in the individual impls, we can
certainly do that.  In the release notes for 3.0, we may want to call
out specifically the move toward unchecked exceptions and recommend
that as 2.x users upgrade, they consider replacing their "catch
MathException" blocks with "catch Exception" or drill down into the
API of the [math] class(es) being used and narrow the catch.


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