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From S├ębastien Brisard <>
Subject Re: [math] SYMMLQ implementation notes
Date Sat, 08 Oct 2011 16:20:18 GMT
> I would encourage you, though, to add as much inline, class and
> javadoc documentation as possible, since that is what developers
> looking at the source will see immediately.
Yes, I had second thoughts on putting the notes in an external file...
The main benefit being mathematical formatting... I guess something
like alpha[k] instead of $\alpha_k$ would still be readable (and
understandable), and could be inlined in the code. It's probably the
best option. My worry is, as I said, the fact that in iteration k+1 of
the loop, we compute gamma[k-1], but also alpha[k]... It's all a bit
confusing, one has to be very careful about indices... Saunders did a
marvelous job, and the code works brilliantly in Java now (passes all
original tests by Saunders, plus additional ones, plus very large
test-cases at work). However, it was written in a very linear fashion,
with a rather large main loop. I've tried to break up the code in
smaller pieces, factor out some duplicate code, reduce the scope of
variables... But one still has to be *very* careful about these
painful mixed indices... I do think that maintenance would benefit
from additional notes, so I'll wait a while before I commit it.

FURTHER QUESTION: do you think that this reformatting of the code
(plus renaming of some variables) could be offensive to the original
developer? Should I be careful with that? His original contribution is
fully aknowledged anyway.


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