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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Commons Functor 1.0 based on RC1
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2011 15:49:07 GMT
Le 21/10/2011 17:04, Matt Benson a écrit :

> The most immediate thing is that [proxy] 2 needs a unary predicate.
> It becomes ridiculous for every component we have to define such a
> basic interface in a different way.  So [proxy] 2 can never be
> released without a [functor] release, etc.

Maybe the Predicate class from [collections] could be reused since 
[proxy] already depends on this component?

> This is indeed sufficient for the immediate future, but again, becomes
> *insufficient* soon enough.  I don't personally see what purpose is
> served by a 0.x release, but I have to say it's frustrating to work on
> a component and only when a release is proposed does everyone who
> couldn't have cared less before come out of the woodwork to suddenly
> find design issues (issues such as undocumented @SuppressWarnings come
> down to personal opinion and I would personally argue they shouldn't
> be release blockers, particularly as more often than not the
> justification is obvious).  For those of you who have suddenly decided
> you care about this component:  if we discuss and resolve the
> fundamental design concerns (i.e. no promises beyond reaching
> consensus), can you stay engaged long enough for us to get this
> wrapped up?

Sorry but that's what released candidates are for. You can't expect 
everyone to monitor every project continuously, especially the sandbox 
stuff. Releasing a RC is the right moment to ask for reviews since the 
code is arguably stabilized.

You'll note that I didn't vote -1 on the release, I just spent 2 hours 
to review the code and shared my observations thinking it would be 
useful, but I won't block the release if you think my points are 
irrelevant. Feel free to release Functor as is and I won't bother you 
again. But if you take my observations seriously I'll happily stay 
engaged with this project.

As a side note, in general I wish there were more design/usability 
reviews on RC calls than checkstyle/compilation verifications.

Emmanuel Bourg

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