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From cwinter <>
Subject Re: [math] Distributions over sample spaces other than R
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2011 20:39:01 GMT

Phil Steitz wrote:
> The one exception is our own IntegerDistribution, which is arguably
> being forced into an unnatural structure because its sample space is
> being artificially extended to R.  I am not sure how unnatural it
> would be to just have the probability functions take a class
> parameter.  I agree, though, that if there is no compelling
> practical need, we should keep it simple.  Could be in that case,
> though, that it might be better to pull DiscreteDistribution out of
> the hierarchy and have its probability functions take ints rather
> than doubles.  IIRC, I argued for that years ago, but others thought
> it better to go with a single-rooted hierarchy.
> Phil

Having a class parameter for the domain of a distributions doesn't seem to
be unatural, but I also think that it makes things too complicated. Maybe
the HasDensity interface has been dropped for that reason. Looking at the
function interfaces in the analysis package shows that a multi-rooted
approach works fine. Regarding IntergerDistribution I don't have a
preference on leaving it in the current hierarchy or making it to a new


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