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From Elijah Zupancic <>
Subject [chain] Apache Chain v2 Proof of Concept
Date Sun, 14 Aug 2011 22:13:23 GMT
I've just finished my proof of concept for an upgrade to Apache chain.
I would love to get this into a svn branch. I'm not quite sure what
the procedure is to do that, but the code can be found here for

And here is a diff:

At a high level, I have incorporated the following features in this
proof of concept:

* Global upgrade to the JDK 1.5
* Added @Override annotations
* Upgraded to the Servlet 2.5 API
* Upgraded to the Faces 2.1 API
* Upgraded to the Portlet 2.0 API
* Upgraded the Maven Parent POM version
* Added generics support to Command so that Command's API looks like:

public interface Command<T extends Context> {
    boolean execute(T context) throws Exception;

* Servlet and Portlet packages now provide Genericized APIs.
* All dicey changes have been marked with a comment with my name: (elijah)

More or less the work to updated Chain was straight forward albeit
time consuming.

If everyone is on board for this update, I would like to upgrade the
test cases to use a new version of JUnit. However, this leads to a few

* What version of JUnit should I use?
* Would it be ok to use Mockito for mocking instead of the home grown
mocking classes already contained in the project?

Please let me know what you think. Getting this far has been a couple
weeks worth of on and off work.


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