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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject [general] Plexus and Commons code inherited from somewhere else (was Re: [general] Apache + Meritocracy)
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2011 08:56:08 GMT
On 2011-08-11, Mark Struberg wrote:

> That's great news and even underlines better what Christian already
> stated: committocracy doen't really work out - not socially and not
> even technically.

No argument from my side.

> The code in question seems to got moved a few times, so all commit
> history is long time gone.

> I'll scan the Ant codebase for similarities and pick the stuff I need
> if that's ok.

Sure this is OK, and I'm sure the Ant community would love to get the
bug fixes that have been applied inside of Plexus as well.  This doesn't
have to be a one-way street.

I see this as a general problem with components that started off as
forks from other codebases.  There are quite a few commons projects that
have been seeded by code that originally came from Ant, Avalon, Struts
or other places and at least in the case of Ant the code bases have
diverged.  Ant has always seen itself as sitting at the bottom of the
dependency stack and thus prefered to not have any dependencies at all -
that's why we've never embraced Commons.  On top of that nobody told the
Ant community that their code had been forked and so we could not help
out, but that's water under the bridge.

In the end the same bugs and shortcomings of the same original code base
have been fixed by two or three groups in different ways and it would
certainly be great if we could merge all those collected fixes.  But
honestly I dont know how as the focus of the different dev groups is too

At least for your Plexus replacement you should be able to leverage what
is inside of Commons, though.


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