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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [compress] Some ZIP64 Interop Results
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2011 12:11:35 GMT
On 2011-08-11, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:

> Le 01/08/2011 16:49, Stefan Bodewig a écrit :

>> All other archives are read correctly by ZipArchiveInputStream, there is
>> a problem with reading the size of the big entry inside the archive
>> created by jar, but this clearly is a bug in Java7 and I'm going to
>> report it against OpenJDK[1] (and may have a workaround, need to think
>> about it a bit longer).

> Just stumbled on this:


> Is this a follow up of the issue you spotted?

Looks like it, yes.  I opened
<> which was
available until two days ago and no longer is - and I was never notified
of any status change.

The content of the blog article and PKWARE's response is quite differet
from what the InfoZIP implementation does and what the comments inside
the source tree of InfoZIP call "industry interpretation".  I have
reported this as well.

I don't really care much as I know our ZIPs are considered valid by all
ZIP imeplementations I have checked (didn't check PKZIP, though) except
for jar that I'm going to re-access.  And our code consumes archives
created by all those implementations including jar.

Maybe I should write a blog post of my own 8-)


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