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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject [compress] How to deal with long running test? Maven Profile?
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2011 14:44:53 GMT

currently I've set the Zip64SupportTest to @Ignore because - even if you
dont have the integration test archives around - it simply takes too
long to run every time.

Using the pretty decent notebook $work has given to me the whole test
takes 45 minutes of heavy I/O load and the machine is more or less
unusable during that time.

But then again I surely want to run the tests every now and then and
adding/removing the @Ignore is cumbersome so I thought a profile was the
correct approach.

No, I'm not a mvn expert, have never been, will never be.  I don't use
mvn for anything but Compress and RAT and most things I know I have
learnt by fighting against mvn in Gump - and this is more than I ever
wanted to learn 8-)

My first attempt was to naively exclude the test in the "normal" plugins
section inside the POM and add a profile that defines the surefire
plugin without the excludes.  Excluding works fine but even if I
activate the profile the test remains excluded (I guess I can't undo a
configuration via a profile).

I suspect I'm taking an approach that is completly wrong to begin with
and that many of you around here know exactly what needs to be done.

Please enlighten me.


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