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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: [configuration] Steps towards next release
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2011 19:39:34 GMT
Am 14.08.2011 23:28, schrieb Emmanuel Bourg:
> Le 13/08/2011 20:53, Oliver Heger a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> as you may have noticed, I have started some work in order to prepare a
>> release (version 1.7) of [configuration]. I assume this will be the last
>> release compatible with Java 1.4.
> So the release after 1.7 would be the code on the 2.0 branch ?

To be honest, I think the branch is a mess.

Maybe [configuration] should follow the road other components have gone 
before: make the APIs ready for Java 5+, but do only limited 
refactoring. Ideally, this could even be done in a binary compatible 
way. However, I am not sure whether binary compatibility can be achieved 
as we might want to polish some interfaces.

>> I plan to have a look at the current Jira issues, but I hope there are
>> no major issues open which have to be addressed immediately.
> If possible I'd like to get CONFIGURATION-427 addressed in the 1.7
> release. If it's ok to store a list of values inside a node I suggest
> applying my patch without the new method in ConfigurationNode to
> preserve the binary compatibility.

Feel free to commit. But are you sure there are no undesired side 
effects? I can imagine that queries won't work as expected if a node 
contains multiple values. Maybe some tests can be added in this respect?

>> The main open point is still the snapshot dependency to [vfs]. What is
>> the status there? IMHO it is also an option to create a release branch,
>> remove the dependency there, and release 1.7 without [vfs] support. It
>> is no problem to push out another release as soon as [vfs] 2.0 becomes
>> available. WDYT?
> I would release 1.7 without vfs 2.0, we can still release 1.8 later when
> vfs is ready.

Probably a question of time. If the vfs 2.0 release is a matter of some 
days or weeks, this is no problem. The release preparations for 
[configuration] will take some time, too. However, if we were talking 
about some more months, I would prefer a release without vfs, too.


> Emmanuel Bourg
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