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From "Sebastien Brisard" <>
Subject [math] Utility classes for testing purposes
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2011 05:48:01 GMT
I'm finalizing unit tests for the conjugate gradient method, for which I'm
using Hilbert matrices (see
These matrices are nice because
i. they are symmetric, positive definite,
ii. they are ill-conditioned,
iii. their inverse is known in closed-form.

I therefore implemented HilbertMatrix and InverseHilbertMatrix as
RealLinearOperator. These two classes are intended for testing purposes only,
but I do not want to embed them in ConjugateGradientTest, as they might be
used to test other iterative solvers as well. My question is simple: where
(meaning: which package) should these two classes go? Would o.a.c.math.linear
(in the src/test/java directory) be suitable? Any better suggestion?

Thanks beforehand,

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