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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Deploying snapshot builds
Date Fri, 05 Aug 2011 15:10:51 GMT
I didn't read Emmanuel's response that way.  If we vote to allow publishing snapshots not every
project should have to do that, but they would all be allowed to.  I would not be in favor
of a vote that forces every project to publish snapshots.


On Aug 5, 2011, at 7:51 AM, Phil Steitz wrote:

> On 8/4/11 11:45 PM, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
>> If we are going to vote let's make a decision per project.
> No, I think this needs to be decided at the Commons level.  The PMC
> are collectively responsible for what we publish where.  In the
> past, we have ad hoc published snapshots for individual components,
> asking if there were objections here on the list first - essentially
> lazy consensus VOTE.  We have also produced nightly builds - again
> agreeing on how / where they would be published.  We are now talking
> about automated generation of snapshots for some (all?) components
> on some (daily? change-triggered?) schedule.  The PMC needs to agree
> to that.
> Phil
>> I originally brought this issue up because I wanted to provide
>> snapshots for cli and configuration to people willing to try out
>> new features/bug fixes.
>> As I understand math is probably not interested in having daily
>> snapshots, I don't know for the other components.
>> Emmanuel Bourg
>> Le 05/08/2011 07:08, Phil Steitz a écrit :
>>> Looks like we have been experimenting with this.  Before actually
>>> turning anything on, we need should agree that we actually want to
>>> to do this and probably VOTE, as I assume the generated artifacts
>>> are going to be publicly available.  My personal opinion is that we
>>> should not do this.
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