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From Matt Benson <>
Subject [sandbox] class scanning + karma requests
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2011 04:30:13 GMT
First, Simo added [meiyo] to the sandbox.  Now, some of the guys from
the various JEE-related communities have expressed interest in working
with class scanning here at Commons.  What we would propose to do is
start with the code of Geronimo's xbean-finder, which scans classes by
reading bytecode to populate meta-structures, thereby sparing permgen
space whenever possible.  We plan to carefully prune and polish that
code, pull in the best ideas from [meiyo] (Simo and/or any of the rest
of you Commons developers are of course welcome to participate as
always!), and add a single-scan SPI strategy to allow the majority of
consumers to share the impact of scanning.  For my own part, I hope to
be able to contribute such that the final API can accommodate most if
not all conceivable use-cases for classpath scanning, while not
becoming too unwieldy.  We'd like to get started ASAP (and obviously
nothing stops me from going ahead and taking the first steps).  I
would also request our new chair grant sandbox karma to:

struberg (Mark Struberg)
dblevins (David Blevins)
gpetracek (Gerhard Petracek}


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