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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject Re: [BCEL] Code format non-standard
Date Sat, 30 Jul 2011 06:41:11 GMT
Le 29/07/2011 21:57, sebb a écrit :
> Quite a lot of the BCEL Java source code uses 2 spaces as indentation.
> AFAIK, all other Commons components (indeed all other Apache projects
> I've encountered) use a 4 space indent for Java source code.

There are also some files in [math] that come from my former mantissa 
library and do use 2 spaces too. I wanted to change them to 4 spaces but 
was affraid of the very large commit message for just space, so never 
did it.

> [2 spaces are sometimes used in POM files, as POMs often use deep
> nesting, and line-wrap is not usally OK in POMs.]
> Any objections to changing the BCEL Java source file indentation to 4 spaces?

If you do so, I'll do the same.


> S.
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