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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject Re: [jira] [Commented] (MATH-621) BOBYQA is missing in optimization
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2011 16:12:17 GMT
Hi Gilles,

Le 15/07/2011 16:57, Gilles Sadowski a écrit :
> Hello.
>>> Oops, this is indeed FORTRAN code in Java clothes. There is quite _a lot_ of
work to make it look like Java... :(
>>> Personally, I'd rather not commit it as is, because it is unmaintainable (it
does not match anything in CM in terms of design and programming style).
>> Yes, but committing it this as is with an objective to "javaize" it
>> would allow to:
>>   - have a reference test harness to check changes do not introduce
>>     regressions
>>   - allow non-committer to help by providing small patches instead
>>     of always reworking the complete code (Dietmar is not a committer
>>     yet)
>>   - allow monitor what changes are introduced slightly
>>   - avoid delaying to much the availability of the feature so most
>>     people can test it
>>   - avoid delaying release to much as once the API is fixed (and in
>>     fact it depends on the optimization framework which is already
>>     defined), the implementation can be changed afterwards in 3.1
>> I agree the last point can lead to the code never been changed at
>> all, but the other points are important too.
> The point of view of a maintainer will be that your last point will swamp
> any other considerations.
> It is not consistent that we "nit-pick" some small pieces of code while it
> would be OK to commit that big scary one. [No offense to Dietmar, as this
> was an important first step: It is really invaluable to be able to run the
> tests as one is going through incremental changes.]
> I'm willing to start adapting the code. If there are other candidates,
> that's fine too. But I certainly do not want to spend time converting it
> while somebody else is working on overlapping changes.

That's fine with me, I'll let you and Dietmar take care of this.

> It is understandable that people would be happy to play with a new toy. But
> they can also live without it (as they did until now) for some more time.
> [Or they can patch their local copy.]

Yes, those who want to live on the bleeding edge are probably ready to 
put some effort in it.

best regards,

> Best,
> Gilles

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