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From sebb <>
Subject [DAEMON] Maven deployment
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2011 02:25:22 GMT
I think the pom is set up correctly to perform a deployment of the
Maven artifacts.

Here are some commands I tried:

mvn package deploy -Ptest-deploy
- create jar in target/deploy

mvn package deploy
- actually deploy jar to Nexus snapshot repo [1]
- needs login information to be provided, in settings.xml or on command-line

mvn package deploy -Ptest-deploy -Prelease
- create and sign jars and zip/tar.gz in target/deploy
- requires a key to be set up and defined

mvn package deploy -Prelease
- perform a real deploy to Nexus
- needs login info and key as above

Note that the deployed artifacts include both the Maven jars and the
dist zip/tgz files. This is normal (!) due to the way Maven works (if
anyone has a work-round please start a separate thread about it).

Note that Nexus publishes SNAPSHOT versions directly to the snapshot repo.
Non-SNAPSHOT versions are stored in a staging area, which has to be
closed and then separately released once the vote succeeds.

I can help with the Nexus procedures if necessary.


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