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From Simone Tripodi <>
Subject [graph] first random thoughts and considerations
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2011 21:47:32 GMT
Hi al guys,
after few activity on graph I finally brought the component in a
decent state to start speaking with the rest of the community, also
because people interested on it are waiting :)
As I expressed in the previous mail, 'commons-graph' should be a
general purpose library for working with graph structures, providing
most common used (and known) algorithms implementations, so I focused
more on how graph APIs should look alike; then, defined some in-memory
based implementations (still in progress) and finally started
providing known algorithms implementations (still in progress too).
The in-memory based implementations of Graph data-structures have to
be provided - we need to test our algorithms - but I guess we should
recommend our users to implement adapters to their preferred graph
At the moment of writing there is only one working test case for
Dijkstra's algoritm, anyway the /trunk is finally stable.

At that point, before continuing, I'd like discuss with you all how
APIs look and how they can to be improved; I based my current work on
the existing old implementation, adding some spice with Generics and
moving some part in outside dir, even if interesting, because little
broken due to main APIs refactoring, and in some case (like the
jdepend) not really generic/general-purpose.

Feedbacks are welcome, participation is open, I would be very glad
co-working on that (partially) new component!!!
All the best, have a nice day!!!

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