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From sebb <>
Subject JIRA report strategy; how to handle duplicates?
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2011 15:06:49 GMT
I've been doing some experimentation with the JIRA report.

The following configuration IMO produces a reasonable-looking report [1]:

<columnNames>Fix Version,Key,Summary,Type,Resolution,Status</columnNames>
<!-- Sort cols have to be reversed in JIRA 4 -->
<sortColumnNames>Key DESC,Type,Fix Version DESC</sortColumnNames>
<!-- Don't include sub-task -->
<typeIds>Bug,New Feature,Task,Improvement,Wish,Test</typeIds>

As mentioned elsethread, issues should be marked as resolved with the
appropriate fix version when fixed in SVN; and issues should only be
closed after the release has been published.

What is not so clear is how to handle duplicate reports.
If these are to be included in the report, then the Fix versions will
have to be maintained.

If not, then it's important that all duplicates are resolved as
Duplicate rather than Fixed.


Additionally filtered as follows:

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