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From sebb <>
Subject [NET] change FTP lenient future dates default?
Date Tue, 03 May 2011 21:39:46 GMT
The FTP code in NET has to parse "short" dates. These don't have a
year indication, so the year has to be assumed.
The current code assumes that all short dates are in the past.

NET-83 added an option to allow dates to be up to 1 day in the future,
but this is not the default.

This means that FTP will assume the wrong year when listing recent
files which are on servers with a clock which is ahead of the client.
This includes servers in a different timezone (unless the user
specifies the server timezone) - e.g. client in US listing files on a
server in the UK.

I'd like to change the default so that FTP listings work correctly in
such cases.

As far as I can tell, Unix servers use short dates for dates within
about +/- 6 months of the current date, so this should not cause any
But of course it is possible that some servers use short dates for
past dates only.

With the current default there are known problems; with the proposed
default there may be some edge case problems, so it seems to me it
would be OK to change the default.


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