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From Christian T Trimble <>
Subject Re: [jci] preparing for jci 1.1 release
Date Tue, 17 May 2011 16:53:16 GMT

  Can improvements to the current code base be rescheduled to 1.2?  This project has
been without a release for some time and those projects that depend on JCI 1.1
need a release of the current functionality for their own releases.

  If that is not an option, can we at least get SNAPSHOTs out on a Maven repository?  That
allow dependent projects to build while this work is being finished.


On May 13, 2011, at 4:01 AM, Torsten Curdt wrote:

>>> It is - that is the jsr199 compiler that needs to be finished.
>>> It would be great to finish that and not look back.
>>> Although I made some progress I don't think I have the time.
>> AFAICT, JSR199 also requires Java 1.6?
> Indeed. But I am quite positive very few people (if any) use the javac
> hack anyway.
>> I'd overlooked the in-memory part - is there any point in releasing it
>> with javac support for files only?
>> I.e. just dropping the in-memory support for javac until jsr199 is implemented.
> Na - don't think that would really work. You could try to check the
> store implementation and throw an exception ...but in the end it is an
> interface and you can never know what the impl is doing. Which is why
> I think 2.0 is the only real option. That said releasing 2.0 without
> the JSR199 in place feels a little silly.
> cheers,
> Torsten
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