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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject [all][proposal] Extend Dormant to include no longer active released components
Date Thu, 05 May 2011 19:35:54 GMT
As Hen has pointed out a couple of times, we have quite a few
Commons proper components that are no longer under active
development.  I would like to propose that we extend the "dormant"
classification on the web site to include components that have had
releases.  I am not sure whether we need to distinguish internally
within this group or do svn moves.  I will start by proposing just
the minimalist approach:

0) To move a component to dormant requires a VOTE.  A single -1
suffices to postpone the action; but a -1 in a dormancy vote is
really a +1 to help sustain or advance the component.

1) When a component is voted "dormant":
   a) the main web site and site navigation links show the component
as dormant
   b) the component site and component JIRA page display a "dormant
disclaimer" (TBD)
   c) JIRA remains open
   d) svn remains open (maybe made read only?  Could just agree to
no commits.)

2) To revive a component requires another VOTE resulting in 3 +1s
from ASF committers interested in bringing the zombie back to life.


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