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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: [POOL2][PROPOSAL] releasing commons-pool2-2.0-beta1
Date Thu, 05 May 2011 16:42:56 GMT
On 05/05/2011 17:33, Phil Steitz wrote:
> On 5/5/11 9:20 AM, Gary Gregory wrote:
>> I would like to propose an aggressive release schedule:
>> - Push 2.0 out as a generified version of 1.5 ASAP and add/remove/fiddle
>> nothing else. "Just give me the generics P L E A S E!" :) Change deprecated
>> documentation from "Will be removed in 2.0" to "Will be removed in 3.0".
> Why such a rush to just get generics?  Honestly, this makes no sense
> to me.  If you really want a type-safe pool, it is easy enough to
> wrap the methods that borrow and return objects.  If we make this
> decision, we are effectively deciding that the current pool API is
> going to be *the* API for several years to come.  We may also be
> painting ourselves into a performance corner supporting all of the
> features in the current API.  We won't know that until we really get
> the DBCP integration and performance testing done.

+1. The good news is that I now have some time to work on this.

The first task will be updating dbcp/trunk to build against pool/trunk.
I suspect we are going to need at least a snapshot build of pool/trunk
to keep the Maven deps happy.

> Phil
>> - Next is 3.0: This is what we had meant 2.0 to be. Do all the other clean
>> ups, re-architecting, fiddling, removing of deprecation, refactoring, and so
>> on.
>> Gary
>> On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 11:54 AM, Simone Tripodi <>wrote:
>>> Hi all guys,
>>> some of us (me included :P) are waiting for pool with generics; now
>>> that the migration has been done, WDYT about releasing a beta1
>>> release?
>>> It is basically the latest pool-1.5.X API, but with generics, at least
>>> we can start playing with it.
>>> Thoughts? Just let me know, I can take care of it!
>>> Have a nice day,
>>> Simo
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