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From sebb <>
Subject [NET] 3.0 release packaging
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2011 22:27:29 GMT
I'd like to start a vote for releasing NET 3.0.
[Note: it's binary-compatible, but not source-compatible with 2.x, and
it has a lot of new functionality which is why it uses 3.0 rather than

One issue that does not seem to have been resolved is the contents of
the release artifacts.

I'm currently proposing to generate:

commons-net-3.0.jar - binary jar, excluding examples
commons-net-3.0-sources.jar - sources for the above
commons-net-3.0-javadoc.jar - javadoc for the above

commons-net-ftp-3.0.jar - subset of binary jar for FTP use only (was
in previous releases)

======== - main binary - which contains:
- commons-net-3.0.jar
- commons-net-3.0-sources.jar (for IDEs)
- commons-net-examples-3.0.jar (for testing)
- javadoc (not in jar)
- sources of examples (not in jar) (for developers)

As mentioned above, the examples are useful for client testing, so I
would like to include compiled versions as well as the source. - sources, which contains:
- all of SVN sources apart from DOAP

I hope that this is adequate for most use-cases; if not please explain.

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